What's Blooming...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blooming Loropetalum Tree
Hoshima Flowering Cherry Bush
Te`te (pronounced Tetatet)
"Higo" Camellia Japonica
" Elegance Splendor" Camellia Japonica
Above are photograhs of some of the plants that are blooming in our gardens right now. There are alot more. I just need to get out there with the camera again and get some pictures. I love seeing all the color and this is nothing compared to what it will be in another month or so. We have two Ornamental Flowering Mary Jane Nectarine Trees. They are blooming profusely right now and have such a vivid fushcia color. I have to get some good picture of them to put on here. If anyone knows where we can get Ornamental Flowering Apricot Trees please let me know. We checked at Tallahassee a few weeks ago and they didn't have any in at that time. We use to have one at our old place and it was just beautiful and had a lovely scent. We really want to get another one. Well, must run for now but I'll be back later!