Hot July in the Garden

Monday, July 28, 2008

I know it seems as if I have really neglected this garden blog, but really, it's July in Florida! Go get yourself a nice cold glass of Iced Tea and cool off. It's too darn hot to do much outside in the garden. So I admire it from afar, from the windows of our cushy air conditioned house. Really though, we get out there enough to do what absolutely has to be done and that's about it this time of year. It is much to hot and humid to enjoy much time outdoors. In the evening when it's cooler and I would go out, we are usually having one of our evening rain storms. Then the mosquitoes come to feast! They love me and if I am not completely doused in that horrible repellant, they will eat me alive! I do still take a meandering walk around the yard to check things out before I high tail it back inside. Here are a few photos that I took the other evening on one of those walks.
This is in the Baby Garden.
That is pink & white Gaura and & First Love Dianthus.

Also in the Baby Garden, Diamond Frost Euphorbia & some miniature roses. This is a container garden. I love the Red Fountain Grass

Rudbeckia, Ritidiba & Purple Buddleia Some of my amazing Four O'Clocks Coleus out front have gotten monstrous and we are even pinching them back & taking cuttings! Chinese Abelia~the Butterflies go crazy for this.
There is actually a lot of color out in the garden for the dead of summer. Of course, we have tons of Four O'Clocks blooming: Peppermint, White, Yellow, Fuschia, Pink, Peach and variations of all these colors. Our Crepe Myrtles are blooming, Roses, Cleome, Rudbeckia, Ritidiba, Buddleias, Rose of Sharons, Malvas. Jacobinia, Crinums, Daylilies and the list goes on. I have a beautiful view of the Baby Garden and some of the other gardens from my office window. It sure makes the day more enjoyable! Happy Gardening!


Carla said...

Your four oclocks are amazing! And I love that Chinese Abelia! Great post-

Meems said...

Yes, it is VERY hot and buggy this time of year. I get out very early and then try not to notice the heat too much as it creeps up on me throughout the day. You have a lot of blooms going on ... I'm wondering if I could grow guara down here? I'll have to check the Internet. I noticed that diamond frost was everywhere in the big box stores this spring. It looks like it's done well for you. I didn't try it but I'm thinking I might put it in some containers next year. Thanks for the walk around the garden ... with you and Alan Jackson. :-)
meems @Hoe&Shovel

Wicked Gardener said...

The four oclock are nice. I don't know why I haven;t used them before. Do you grow them from seed or buy plants?