Aging With the Dogwood

Monday, March 22, 2010

Every year, usually in March, I take a photograph of Bruce beside the Dogwood tree that we planted in our front yard in 2006. When we first bought this place it was a sand pit. There was no landscape anywhere and only freshly laid grass in the front yard. We put grass in the back yard. There were old trees around our lot but nothing ornamental. Although the change is stunningly amazing as each year passes, I use the Dogwood tree in the front yard as a point of reference. I like watching everything grow and change through time, but I have made it my "thing" to document this Dogwood from year to year. We have a couple Dogwood's that we planted in the backyard too but it's shadier back there and they aren't growing quite as rigorously. Below are a few photographs of this transition. (I swear to my husband that he still looks as young and handsome from year to year next to that Dogwood, and no babe, you aren't looking balder or grayer..........heheh...) Notice this year how brown the lawn still is and how warmly dressed Bruce is. It has been a L...O...N...G winter!

April 9, 2006 (ab0ve)March 26, 2008 (above) March 29, 2009 (above) March 21, 2010 (above) Say warm and happy gardening!!!!


Stone Art said...

What a nice idea, and intresting to see the change on a yearly bases aswell

Lea said...

Hi Annette!
If this isn't the neatest idea ever! I absolutely love seeing your tree's growth and that you have your hubs stand next to it in the same place every year is AWESOME! Are you keeping a scrapbook?
I love your blog and can't wait to go see what else you have growing!