Spring Is Sprung for 2010 !

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today is the first day of Spring 2010! Has it really been a whole year since I have updated our garden blog? That is pitiful! Yes, I have been very busy since I started college almost 2 years ago. As you can see I haven't been gardening nor blogging near enough. All school work and no play is making me a dull girl! I promise to make a better effort this gardening year. I told my husband Bruce that he should learn how to update our garden blog too. He is much more knowledgable about plants and all than I am because he is a horticulturist. Hopefully he will get into it and this blog will be fun to read again. We have had a particularly cold winter and it is still cold, still having freezes here in Florida well into March. Our gardening season hasn't really hit us yet. Bruce has been out there doing maintenance and cleaning up from the winter freezes. Many plants are starting to bloom now, a little later in the season than usual. Some are still blooming such as Camellias that are usually finishing up by now. It's been an interesting winter. We've still taken lots of pictures so I will post some on here. We delayed our annual February/March trek to Tallahassee Nurseries because of the weather. We want to wait until they will have a full selection of plants and flowers for spring and summer. Maybe we'll go over Easter weekend. I need to get outside and prune all of the roses. I should have done that already. Our wholesale supplier of annuals went out of business this past year so we aren't going to have as many great and affordable choices as we usually had. Here are just a few photos of what's blooming right now (I'll post more later!):

Some Annuals
Hope that you are all off to a great start to your Spring and your gardening endeavors for this year!