What Else Has Winter Stolen From the Garden?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wow, I am surely not very consistent with this garden blog! Oh well, I'll keep plugging away when I can.

I find that I am realizing more and more plants that didn't make it through all of our winter freezes from the past year. Yesterday I realized that all the Fleabane was gone from the Olivia & Drayton's Memorial Garden. In the memorial garden alone we are missing, Gaura, Cleome, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, most of the First Love Dianthus, even a couple roses. I'm really disappointed about that. But alas, a gardener's heart gets use to this and learns pick up the pieces and move on. I already have some new ideas! So, it's just new opportunity to plant some more and re-decide my layout. No problem with that!
This memorial garden has given me hours of torment over the years, just trying to figure out what I want it to look like and feel like. I haven't accomplished it yet, but I AM getting closer. I may have to rip out some of the "bones" that my husband planted in their in the beginning. Some, such as the Loropetalum seem to be taking over way too much space; much more than I was willing to give up. I still have to give this garden much more thought. It's just so important to me. I may never get it the way I want it, but I sure enjoy working on it. We have bought and replaced at least 5 different types of daylilies in this baby garden. I want a true pink and keep getting peach, yellow, purple or salmon, everything but pink. I'll keep trying! Also, all the Pink Four O'Clocks that we planted here last year came back this year as Fuschia. I knew that might happen. Anyway, here are some recent pictures from the baby garden.

This is little statue that Bruce got me for the baby garden for Olivia's heavenly anniversary this year. It's very heavy concrete and therefore hasn't made it out back to the baby garden yet, because I am not sure of the exact spot. I was advised (by my darling hubby) that he would not be moving it back there until I was 100% sure. I wonder how long she will sit here on the garage pad........hmmmmmmmm.

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Annette said...

Oh what a beautiful site. I am enjoying it so much. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.