Hot & Stormy

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yesterday we got the plants from the wholesale nursery that I was waiting for so today we put together my pots that I had been planning. I took some pictures of them but it is much too sunny out and they don't look good. So, I'll have to go out late and take more pictures. I think the pots/container gardens turned out real good. When I post the pictures, I'll list the plants that are in them and the other plants that I got. Last night Bruce & I went to HD because there was a statue there that I like for the baby garden but I wanted him to see it before I bought it. He liked it too. The price was only $ 24 which I thought was great especially since it was true concrete and not the resin that starts falling apart after a couple years in the sun. Mom, as promised, here is a picture of that statue. It's not in the baby garden yet, it's just sitting out on the front sidewalk. I'll post more pictures of it once it gets to it's place in the baby garden. I haven't decided where that will be yet. Today Bruce & I had the day off together. We worked out in the yard for awhile but it was soooo hot. We lasted less than 2 hours and came back in. Now it's storming and raining, so him and the dogs are napping and I am on here as usual. I am really glad for the rain and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees with the storm. It was close to 100 degrees when we were out earlier today. Hopefully I will still be able to take pictures of the pots later. If not, I'll get to it within the next couple of days. We are off together tomorrow again and I think we just might go to Tallahassee Nurseries. Not sure yet but I would love it! Bruce will be working on Father's Day this coming Sunday so we will celebrate it tomorrow doing whatever it is he wants to do whether that be nursery hopping, antiquing or just plain nothing! I have to mention that my sister Stacy and brother Scott are both getting into gardening too this year at their homes. I love looking at all the photos they've been posting on their myspaces of their gardens. I have to get them talked into keeping a garden blog too! Happy Gardening everyone and as Rebecca Koles says. "Get those hands dirty!" Here, I threw in a picture of Bruce, the best Gardening buddy a person could ask for!