Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yesterday I went Garden Center hopping. Okay, so I only had time to go to the big box stores because I didn't leave the house until after 5:00 and all the independents are closed by then. Below is a picture of what I came home with this time. Most of the plants are going in some pots that I am putting together. They are Draceana, some different Coleus and Joseph's Coat (Alternanthera) Burgundy Thread. I have some other plants that are going in the pots as well. I'll show them on here when I put them together. I am still waiting to get a few other plants from our wholesale supplier. I also got 3 daylilies; Lullaby Baby, Minnie Pearl & Little Business and a Texas Sage. I am so addicted to plants. I think it's getting out of hand; plants and books....those are my downfalls.This morning I went for an early morning walk around the gardens with my camera. I love listening to the birds first thing in the morning. There was a pair of cardinals singing to each other and chasing each other back and forth amongst the trees. I actually got a picture of one by zooming in up into the tree with my little digital camera. See that speck of red in the tree??? me, that's a male Cardinal. (The males are brighter red for those that wonder how I could tell it was a he!) Below are some of the other photos I took of things that were blooming. I took 195 pictures and I had to narrow it down to just a couple to put on this blog. Don't you just hate that part. I want to share them all! This is the first Crepe Myrtle that we have blooming so far this year.
It's a 'Natchez'. We have 5 other varieties that are getting bud on them but not yet blooming.
This is a garden bench that we bought recently. Got a good deal on it at Ross'. That is a White Althea bush blooming beind it. This is in the "White Garden". We haven't decided yet if this is where the bench will stay.
Here are some of the roses that were blooming this morning: Sexy Rexy is starting to bloom again Tamora Rose has one bloom so far this year!
Madam Lombard Roses The Dark Lady Roses Climbing Eden Rose Climbing Eden Rose growing on our Gazebo
Below are some 'Milk & Wine' Crinum Lilies that are blooming right now. I love these! They are so beautiful!
Okay, so you know I had to sneak in some Four O'Clocks right!
It just wouldn't be me if I didn't. Haha!
I'll be working out in the gardens today so maybe I'll have something interesting to tell you about later! Until then, Happy Gardening!