Getting Back in the Groove

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm so glad that Spring is here! I told you that I was having computer that's where I've been. This whole blogging thing is really hindered when your computer isn't cooperating! So, anyway, today is the annual Spring Garden Festival at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville. Normally we love to go to this, sometimes as Vendors and sometimes as just one of the crowd. Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to make it today (sorry Mic!) Hopefully we can make it there tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. We hate to miss it. Haven't done a whole lot in the garden this week but that will change this weekend. I did take alot of pictures this week though. I try to document how things change and bloom through the months from year to year. Here are a few pictures here.......
Okay, so I have to show you this Dogwood on the day that we planted it 2 years ago. Here is that same dogwood now. I have to say that's progress! I think she's doing really great. She's even blooming right now as you can see in the picture. This is what our little front Annual bed looks like right now. It's Antique colored Pansies, Snapdragon and Dusty Miller. In the background you can see some of our Azaleas that are blooming right now as well as that beautiful Sago Palm. We have quite a few of them!
This is a "Cameo" Quince that is blooming right now. We also have a
white one and a contorted blush colored one that are blooming as well.
This is a "Bridal Wreath" Spirea that is blooming right now. I love these.
We have 3 of them in the front yard and I want to get some more for other areas of the garden.
Our Blueberry bushes are getting berries on them. We have 5 bushes but they are all
still pretty small. I miss the 6-7 foot tall ones that we had at our old place across the road.
A few of the Amaryllis we have that are blooming right now are
"Melusine", "Scarlett Baby" and "Elvas", which are all pictured here.
This is one of my favorite Amaryllis called "Elvas"
It's a double Amaryllis and very beautiful.
I was very excited to see some the Four O'Clocks are starting to come up. I LOVE
Four O'Clocks and they are also very sentimental to me as they were my Daddy's favorite!
We bought some daylillies this week and also two more trees. We'll be planting them this weekend. We got Red Maple and another Drake Elm. The daylillies are for our babies memory garden. We still haven't found the fountain for the babies garden. We'll keep looking. Well, I hope you enjoy these pics and I'll update again in a few days. Happy Gardening!