The First Four O'Clock Blooms for the Year!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Early this morning I went out and sprayed all of our roses with a mix of water, Ivory & baking soda to help with blackspot and pests. Every morning, there is something new blooming and every evening there is something that wasn't blooming in the morning. This evening, our first Four O'Clock bloom showed it's precious face! I knew it was getting ready and actually was surprised that is was one of our White Four O'Clocks that were blooming first. The white ones are more delicate. I usually expect the Fushcia's or Yellows to bloom first. The white and the pink ones are not as hardy. So, it was a pleasant surprise as Four O'Clocks are one of my very favorite's and was my Daddy's favorite also. I took a couple of pictures tonight to post them on here. Bruce & I also planted seeds tonight in the Baby's garden. We planted some Pink Rosa Cleome, a Pink Cosmos mix, White Four O'clocks and Pink Four O'clock's also. We also planted some White ones in the "White Garden" (imagine that!) The weather has been just beautiful. It's not too humid and hot yet and the mosquitos haven't been as bad the past week. They were really bad the first couple weeks of Spring.

White Four O'clocks-First Bloomers this year! The First Four O'Clock Bloom for this year! Siloam Double Classic Daylilies Marcia Faye Daylily Lots of Four O'Clock seedlings are growing up here.
Be careful with Four O'Clocks if you don't want them
everywhere. They can be very invasive if you don't
keep them confined to one area. They like to get around!
This is a photo that I took early this morning of the partiere garden.
The Snapdragons are really beautiful right now.
We are already picking and eating a few Blueberries everyday. Yummy! This variety gets nice and plump too!
This totally depressed me the other day. All Gardener's know that along with the
good times, come the bad times in the garden. Right now we have tons of baby
Grasshoppers that are growing up very quickly and already trying to eat up
everything. We just got some more Neem oil to spray on everything. Hopefully
we'll get it under control soon because this sight is very discouraging!
" Nearly Wild" Rose
This is a Cassia which is growing quickly.
Wait til you see it next month!!! I'll have lots more soon! Keep checking back and Happy Gardening!