Busy In the Garden

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wow! I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I've posted. As you can tell by my absence, we've been busy in the garden! I have to say that on Mother's Day Bruce took me out to the cemetary where my Dad & Granny are buried. I am always spreading Four O'Clock seeds out there and trying to get them to take hold and come back year after year, bigger and better. Four O'clocks were my Daddy's very favorite flowers. There isn't much rain out there and I don't get out there weekly to water them. But, when we got there, I was happy to see that there were some baby plants coming up. Just a few but that was better than none. We spread a bunch of seeds from our garden last year and watered everything. When we got back home it was early evening and I was elated to see that some of our Fuschia Fours & some Yellow Fours were blooming! That was a nice Mother's Day gift from God. Mother's Day is hard for me because both of our babies are in heaven and my mom is in Pennsylvania. It's a day that makes me feel lonely and just blah. Bruce always tries to make it special for me but the reality of it is what it is. So, having these other Fours blooming when we got home was like God saying he cared and my babies are there with him and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. I will take some pictures of them tomorrow to post on here. I have some other photos to post. Let's see, which do I want to show you today........let me look through my photo album. By the way, we seem to have the grasshopper problem pretty much under control. We are seeing some here and there but not bad at all. Now the moles or voles......ughhhh, that's another story!

White Four O'Clocks

Seven Sisters Roses

Gallardia "Desert Sun"

Boltonia & RitidibaClimbing Eden Roses growing up our GazeboElly in the GardenAlachua Red Climber RosesThese are some new annuals that we just planted; Coleus

Pink Vygie Sedum

New Urn plantings; Cordyline & Dahlberg Daisies

Clair Matin Roses

Aloe blooms