A Good Morning Surprise....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bruce & I walked out the front door this morning and this is what we saw................................this Butterfly was hatching out of it's Chrysalis. It was hanging on the side of one of our urns on the front sidewalk. What a strange place for it to have wound up. So we got to take a lot of photographs! It was really neat. I think it's a Black Swallowtail. See you later Babe!


Northern Shade said...

How wonderful to have a front row seat to watch the butterfly emerge. With luck you will have more swallowtails fluttering around your garden from now on. It's hard to begrudge the caterpillars a little food, when you see the beautiful butterflies.

plantgirl said...

Gorgeous butterfly - it does look like some type of swallowtail

~plantgirl of