Gallardia Galore!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I told Bruce that I wasn't going out into the garden tonight. I was just too tired. I had some things that I needed to get done in the house anyway. But those of you who are addicted to gardening as I, will realize that it didn't take long....and I was out in the garden! I just can't seem to pass up checking out all my plant babies every day to see how they have changed since yesterday, and change they do.

Our Climbing "Souvenier de la Malmaison" rose which I was just deadheading last night had twice the blooms on it that it did yesterday. It looks great! I hated to see though that our spectacular "Seven Sisters" roses are starting to fade. They are so beautiful but the great showing only lasts for a few weeks and it fades away for the most part. Alot of the roses are kind of fading and getting ready for another bloom. It's kinda sad when they're in that in between time.

On the other hand our Gallardia "Desert Sun" just keeps spreading and is so cool. I just love that plant. There are about 5 different looking blooms on it at one time and it is blooming profusely. Gallardia "Desert Sun"

Gallardia "Desert Sun" Gallardia "Desert Sun" blooming next to "LaMarne" RosesThis is Ritidiba blooming among Belinda Roses

Now of course, this just wouldn't be complete if I didn't show you some more Four O'Clocks photographs. I just really want to convey their "personality" if you will. They are just such a cool plant!

I told you that Four O'Clocks are the coolest plants!White Four O'ClocksHere is a flower from each different color of Four O'Clock that is blooming so far. Incredible, huh!

Well, it's time that I get to bed. But I have more for tomorrow. I love this time of year! Happy Gardening!

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Wicked Gardener said...

I just found some 4 o'clock seeds I forgot to plant. Your post has inspired me.